A closer look at the Importance of Filtered Water….

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In Ancient Greece there was an underlying belief that the natural elements had a powerful life force of their own. This was the reason why characters such as Poseidon were revered as a sea deity. Woe betide you if you dared to wrong such a powerful life force.

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Woe betide you, woe betide me!
Poseidon aka Muscles of the Ocean….


Though now we realise that this is all mythology and we shouldn’t descend into the rather childlike belief that the natural elements are sentient, it does bring to light the importance of understanding that there are consequences to treating the environment carelessly. These consequences are often disastrous and catastrophic and often take the form of natural disasters. Clean water is of course as vital as oxygen in terms of human survival and thus water sources should be treated with care. Unfortunately, our society has industrially developed at the cost of polluting the natural environment. This inevitably has had a negative effect on the water that we drink. Before the introduction of water sanitisation, through knowledge of science (thus medicine), the consumption of contaminated water was a very real and dire issue in society because people didn’t often know what was causing disease.

A quick flick through the history books is enough to give you a list of diseases caused by unsanitised water. Dysentery and cholera are just some examples. Efficient plumbing and continued awareness of water sanitisation, especially in developed countries means that such diseases are now rare to find and the government does what it can to reduce the negative impact of pollution on the health of people. However, again, only a quick flick through current news is enough to show you that their methods are not fail-proof. Consequently, filtered water dispensers are becoming more and more of a household necessity than a luxury item as concerns spread regarding poor water quality.

There is a common misconception that boiling water sanitises it. However, though this may get rid of bacteria and other protozoa, it cannot get rid of contaminates such as lead. To filter both chemicals and disease spreading organisms, a separate mechanism is needed, a mechanism covered by efficient filtered water dispensers.

Money is usually the initial concern for consumers and especially if you’re not rolling in money on your custom boat made of gold, the cost of a filtered water dispenser will seem too steep.

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Check out all my monies ya’ll…. all 6 of them….

However, with the filtered water dispensers at VitalCare Group, it turns out to be $2-3 a day. The bottled water sold in supermarkets are generally more expensive and furthermore, they use plastic. This is what happens to plastic.

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Your health is of course the most important thing you need to consider. Your health and those whom you care for. Make sure you’re putting into your what it needs. That way you can feel like aforementioned Poseidon.

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Here he is again, this time from a different angle and getting in touch with his meditative side…muscles still intact…

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