LG UV Benchtop Filtered Water Dispenser

  • Tankless
  • Inverter Compressor
  • Versatile Water Dispensing
  • Compact & Stylish Design
tankless heating technology

Tankless Hot or Cold Water

The water dispenser uses tankless heating technology to remove the need for an internal hot water storage reservoir. Filtered water is heated on demand at the push of a button helping to reduce energy consumption associated with continuously heating a hot water tank.

Water Dispensing at the Touch of a Button

The touch controls are visibly and conveniently located on the top of the Filtered Water Dispenser. Press a button to choose the desired water temperature and control the amount of water being dispensed with the measured fill or continuous fill buttons.

one touch button

Measured Fill

The dispenser can deliver preset volumes of hot or cold water for common uses such as making tea or coffee or filling a sports water bottle.

self care

Self Care

UV light is used to remove bacteria from the nozzle.
“Self care” process runs automatically for 5 minutes every hour or can be manually activated at anytime.

Hot Water Dispensing

Hot water can be supplied at 1 of 3 approximate temperature levels to suit common everyday usage situations.

Chilled Water Dispensing

Up to 1 litre of chilled water can be dispensed. Further supply of chilled water requires a waiting period.

Compact and Stylish Design

The dispenser is designed with gentle curves and finished in either white or silver to provide a modern looking addition to a work space, kitchen or utility room.

UV Light for Bacteria in the Dispensing Nozzle

A UV LED light is used to help remove bacteria from the dispensing nozzle. A UV light is located in the dispensing nozzle and will run a cleaning operation for 5 minutes when the ‘Self Care’ button is pressed.

The cleaning process removes up to 99.98% of the bacteria in the water held in the nozzle area that is contacted by the UV light.The ‘Self Clean’ process can be activated at any time. If the button is not manually pressed the water filter will automatically run the ‘Self clean’ process for 5 minutes every hour.

Rotating Water Dispensing Nozzle

The dispensing nozzle can be rotated through 180 degrees to swivel and fill large or odd shaped containers.

bottled water dispenser
hot cold water dispenser

3 Stage Filtration

Hot, cold or ambient temperature water is filtered 3 times prior to dispensing. The dispenser filters water in 3 stages:

1. Pre Carbon Filter
2. UF Membrane Filter
3. Post Carbon Filter

Filter Change Alert

Filter changes are required to maintain water quality levels from the dispenser. The unit will provide a visual alert when a filter service is required by changing the icon colour on the control panel from blue to orange.

hot and cold water dispenser


Width: 170 mm
Depth: 520 mm
Height: 422 mm

hot water dispenser

External Features

Water Supply
Hot / Cold / Ambient

Dispenser Type
Bench Top

Dispensing Capacity
Hot & Cold: Up to 1 Litre

Swivel Nozzle, Measured Fill, Filter Change Alert, Variable Hot Water Temperature, UV Self Care

Power Supply
230V – 240V – 15 Amp

Internal Features

Filter Type
UF (0.1 Micron), Pre and Post Carbon

Filter Stages

Filter Capacity (UF + Post Carbon)

Filter Capacity (Pre Carbon)

Inverter Compressor (R600A)

Induction Heating

Comparative Chart of Typical Bottled Water Dispenser & The Benchtop Dispenser

Typical Bottled Water Dispenser

The Benchtop Dispenser

Due to the bacteria build up in the water tank, the taste of the water may be negatively affected.

The Benchtop Dispenser is an instantaneous water purifier that contains no plastic nor water storage tank. The Benchtop Dispenser purified water instantly without the danger of bacteria build up.

Most known conventional bottled water coolers need constant heating and cooling of their tanks to produce cold and hot water which results in expensive electricity bills.

The Benchtop Dispenser has a highly efficient induction heating & cooling coil technology without the need for a water storage tank. This system allows instant hot & cold water dispensing and reduces electricity consumption and bills.

The purity and freshness of water is essential. However, with conventional bottled water coolers, they are prone to mould and bacteria, negatively effecting the hygiene of the water.

The Benchtop Dispenser uses a 3-stage filtration system to purify water, the visual filter alert provides an easy way to check the condition of the filters. Qualified LG technicians can provide internal sterilisation and filter replacement services.

Storing and refilling bulky and heavy water bottles are inconvenient and there is a limit to the size of the size of the cup or glass that can be used due to the distance between nozzle and base.

The Benchtop Dispenser are designed to make optimum and efficient use of your kitchen and office space. With its added 180-degree rotating dispensing nozzle, you can easily fill containers of different shapes and sizes, unlike bottled coolers.

Fixed water temperature.

The Benchtop Dispenser supplies hot water, not in one but in 3 different temperatures: 40 C, 75 C and 85C to suit your needs. For example, 40 C is perfect to prepare a bottle of baby formula, whilst 75 C is ideal for a cup of tea and 85 C is suited for making coffee. With the Benchtop Dispenser providing you with hot water at the temperature you need, your daily life will be a little more convenient.

It is difficult to measure the exact amount of water without a measuring cup. Additionally, having to wait in front of the bottled cooler whilst filling a large container of water is frustrating.

The Benchtop Dispenser delivers pre-set volumes of water at the push of a button. The 3 most commonly used volumes, 120ml, 500ml and 1000ml which are pre-set into the dispenser. Large containers can also be conveniently filled with the continuous fill function which supplies water for up to 3 minutes.

To pre-order, carry & lift to fill, store all full & empty bottles and then having to pay for this work is inconvenient. Additionally, there is a limited supply of water.

The Benchtop Dispenser gives you a limitless supply of hygienically clean hot and cold water (soft plumbing) without having to lift the heavy plastic bottles. Additionally, it’s fixed monthly payment schedule helps to reduce your administration work.

Plastic bottles are detrimental to the environment.

The Benchtop Dispenser does not use plastic bottles, therefore is environmentally friendly.

Benchtop Filtered Water Dispenser FAQ’s

What is the LG Benchtop Filtered Water Dispenser suitable for?

The Benchtop Filtered Water Dispenser is suitable for homes and small businesses ideally up to 10 users.

What type of filtration capabilities does the Benchtop Unit have?

The Benchtop Unit has 3 stages of filtration which are Precarbon, Postcarbon and UF filtration.

How many temperature settings does the Benchtop unit have for hot water?

The Benchtop unit has 3 different temperatures for hot water which are : 40C, 75 and 85C.

What is the capacity of the Benchtop unit?

The Benchtop unit can dispense up to 1L of hot/cold water at one time.

What is the UV Purification feature?

The UV purification feature is the latest in innovation from LG and serves to purify and sterilise the unit nozzle. The unit nozzle can be easily contaminated by exposure to the environment. The UV Purification cycle happens automatically every five minutes or can also be manually initiated.


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