Health and Hydration


The concept of detoxing for health is popular amongst media personalities such as actors as well as YouTubers who focus on health and exercise. An array of shakes and juicing options is used with claims that it cleanses the human body. However, from a medical standpoint, these claims have no scientific evidence and can in fact cause harm to the human body.

The only effective way of cleansing the human body is by eating healthy and drinking enough clean purified water. The detox industry use people’s guilt as a tool to market and sell their expensive products. After a bender of junk-food and drinking, the kidney and liver (the cleansing organs of the human body) often has to go into overdrive to get rid of toxins-which is why those who are alcohol dependant are at risk of cirrhosis to their liver.

hydration and health

To give the kidney and liver a rest, make sure to consistently eat healthy, nutrient dense food and drink fluids that are free of processed sugar and artificial additives.

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Given that over half the adult human body contains water, its role in hydrating the body to maintain health is of course important. The consumption of clean water plays a major role in the functioning of the human body such as:

  •  Flushing out toxins from the human body
  • Maintaining the body temperature

In fact, one of the main instructions that dieticians and doctors give to their clients and patients to ensure general health is to drink enough plain water.

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Fact: In many cases, migraines/headaches are caused by the lack of hydration and painkillers are often unnecessary in alleviating the issue.

If drinking plain water is not your thing however, then there are other options to ensure that your body remains hydrated.


Coffee has caused a degree of controversy in regards to health. Its caffeine content especially is constantly under scrutiny. However, in moderation, it assists in alertness as well as decreasing the risks of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Even though coffee is a diuretic, research shows that in moderation, it does not impede on the effects of hydration on the human body and it is an effective way of consuming fluids.

Water scarcity


The health benefits of tea are widely known and an inventive array of flavours and ingredients are available to consumers. They include herbal tea, green tea, white tea, black tea and tisanes. For those who find it difficult to consume plain water, tea-especially those that do not contain sugar, such as green tea is an alternative way of ensuring hydration.

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Though there are general guidelines on how much water you should drink depending on your activities and weather, the amount will vary depending on the person. In a place like Australia where the climate is dry and especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors you will need to drink more water to ensure you are hydrated. Constantly buying bottled water is expensive and detrimental to the environment and the safety of tap water is consistently questioned, especially in a country like Australia. Unfortunately, due to its climate, Australia is a country that has always had to struggle with drought and the dire effects of water scarcity. Currently, it is again experiencing unprecedented water scarcity due to severe drought, especially in farming areas. Water scarcity also negatively affects the quality of drinking water and they include but are not limited to the following:

  • Water pollution and toxicity in the water levels increase due to the rise in acid levels which also then effects the wildlife that drink this water
  • The sediment runoff increases the longer the drought goes on
  • Algae and bacteria thrive on warm surface water and the extra sediment caused by the drought
  • The decrease in water levels mean increased concentration of contaminants.

water scarcity

During these times it is even more important to ensure that our drinking water is safe to consume. Sydney water has had its share of critical scrutiny, especially in regards to its tap water due to the declining quality of its plumbing system. Aging pipes especially have shown to cause harmful levels of rust and other toxic chemicals to collect in tap water. Drought only exacerbates this issue.

Furthermore, cities are also experiencing harmful levels of water pollution due to population increase. Filtered water of course then plays a key role in ensuring your health and hydration. Therefore, filtered water dispensers are an option for those of you who want to balance out cost, health and the environment. Overall, they cost less, is of course purified water and don’t use plastic containers.