LG Floor Standing Filtered Water Dispenser

  • Inverter Compressor
  • Versatile Water Dispensing
  • Compact & Stylish Design
freestanding water dispenser

The Benefits of LG Filtered Water Dispensers

  • No need to continually source bottled water.
  • Reduce plastic waste associated with single-use water bottles.
  • Provide unlimited supplies of ambient, hot and cold water throughout the day
  • Remove the need for storage areas for spare and used containers.
  • No need for staff to lift, carry and replace heavy 15L bottles of water, risking injury.

Large Tank for Hot and Cold Water

Ambient water
Unlimited supply.

Cold Water
7.5-litre capacity. Provides up to 30 cups(250ml) continuously

Hot water
3.4-litre capacity. Provides up to 13 cups(250ml) continuously

restaurant water dispenser
commercial filtered water dispenser

Tall Dispenser (270mm) & Continuous Fill

The dispenser provides for a variety of sized and shaped containers to be filled up to a maximum height of 270mm.

It can also supply a continuous flow of ambient temperature water for those very large containers.

Keep Water Cool While Saving Energy

The LG water filter monitors the cold water temperature in the storage tank and adjusts the inverter compressor as needed to keep the water at the required chilled level. This helps to reduce overall energy consumption.

freestanding water filter

4 Stage Filtration

Hot, cold or ambient temperature water is filtered 3 times prior to dispensing. The dispenser filters water in 4 stages:

1. Sediment Filter
2. Pre-Carbon Filter
3. UF Membrane Filter
4. Post-Carbon Filter

Filter Change Alert

Filter changes are required to maintain water
quality levels from the dispenser.

The unit will provide a visual alert when a filter
service is required by changing the icon colour
on the control panel from blue to orange.

Water Drip Tray

The drip tray is equipped with an overflow indicator that pops up when the tray is approaching full and needs to be emptied.

Stylish Design

The dispenser boasts a classic contemporary look with a white finish – a sleek and attractive addition to any workspace, kitchen or utility room.

instant hot water dispenser


Width: 360 mm
Depth: 469 mm
Height: 1,278 mm
Weight: 32 kg

External Features

Water Supply
Hot / Cold / Ambient

Dispenser Type
Floor Standing

Dispensing Capacity
Ambient: Continuous FLow Cold: Up to 7.5 Litres, Hot: Up to 3.4 Litres

Filter Change Alert, Tall Dispenser, Continuous Fill

Power Supply

Internal Features

4 Stages (Sediment Filter, Pre Carbon Filter, UF Membrane Filter, Post Carbon Filter)

Filter Stages

Filter Capacity (UF + Post Carbon)

Inverter Compressor (R134A)

Sheath Heater + Stainless Steel

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Floor Standing Filtered Water Dispenser suitable for?

The LG Floor Standing Filtered Water Dispenser is suitable for businesses, offices and restaurants to serve more than 20 individuals.

How many stages of filtration does the LG Floor Standing Filtered Water Dispenser have?

The Floor Standing Filtered Water Dispenser has 4 stages of filtration which are: sediment, precarbon, postcarbon and UF.

What is the capacity of the Floor Standing Filtered Water Dispenser Unit?

The Floorstanding Unit has a capacity of 7.5L for cold and 3.4L for hot water.


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