LG Benchtop Cold & Ambient Filtered Water Dispenser

  • Tankless
  • Inverter Compressor
  • Versatile Water Dispensing
  • Compact & Stylish Design
chilled water dispenser

Tankless Cold or Ambient Water

The water dispenser uses tankless heating technology to remove the need for an internal cold water storage reservoir. Filtered water is dispensed either cooled or ambient on demand at the push of a button helping to reduce energy consumption associated with continuously cooling a water tank.

Water Dispensing at the Touch of a Button

The touch controls are visibly and conveniently located on the top of the Filtered Water Dispenser. Press a button to choose ambient or chilled and control the amount of water being dispensed with the measured fill or continuous fill buttons.

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Measured Fill


The dispenser serves set volumes of cold water such as making ice tea or filling a sports bottle.

chilled water dispensing

Chilled Water Dispensing

Up to 1 litre of chilled water can be dispensed.

Self Care

UV light is used to remove bacteria from the nozzle. Self care runs 5 minutes hourly or can be manual started.

UV Light for Bacteria in the Dispensing Nozzle

A UV LED light is used to help remove bacteria from the dispensing nozzle. A UV light is located in the dispensing nozzle and will run a cleaning operation for 5 minutes when the ‘Self Care’ button is pressed.

The cleaning process removes up to 99.98% of the bacteria in the water held in the nozzle area that is contacted by the UV light.The ‘Self Clean’ process can be activated at any time. If the button is not manually pressed the water filter will automatically run the ‘Self clean’ process for 5 minutes every hour.


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Compact and Stylish Design

The dispenser is designed with gentle curves and finished in either white or silver to provide a modern looking addition to a work space, kitchen or utility room.

Versatile Water Dispensing

The dispensing nozzle can be rotated through 180 degrees to swivel and fill large or odd shaped containers.

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3 Stage Filtration

Hot, cold or ambient temperature water is filtered 3 times prior to dispensing. The dispenser filters water in 3 stages:

1. Pre Carbon Filter
2. UF Membrane Filter – To extract small particles
3. Post Carbon Filter

Filter Change Alert

Filter changes are required to maintain water quality levels from the dispenser. The unit will provide a visual alert when a filter service is required by changing the icon colour on the control panel from blue to orange.

cold water dispenser


Width: 170 mm
Depth: 520 mm
Height: 422 mm

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External Features

Water Supply
Cold / Ambient

Dispenser Type
Bench Top

Dispensing Capacity
Cold: Up to 1 Litre

Swivel Nozzle, Measured Fill, Filter Change Alert,UV Self Care

Power Supply
230V –240V- 10Amp

Internal Features

Filter Type
UF (0.1 Micron), Pre and Post Carbon

Filter Stages

Filter Capacity (UF + Post Carbon)

Filter Capacity (Pre Carbon)

Inverter Compressor (R600A)

Thinking to Purchase Water Dispenser ?

Plastic water coolers are a regular fixture in the office environment and other business environments, despite their harm to the environment. Outside of environmental issues however, water coolers also hold many other inconveniences. For those of you who would like to know the difference between one of these water coolers and a bottle-less water dispenser, we have created a comprehensive chart comparing the two.

Comparative Chart 

Water CoolerBottle-less Water Dispenser
The purity and freshness of water deteriorates with time.Bottle-less water dispensers use a 3/4-stage filtration system to purify water, the visual filter alert also provides an easy way to check the condition of the filters.

Water cooler bottles cost on average $10-15/bottle, meaning the average usage of 4 bottles/week can end up costing $160/month. (not including the cost of renting the dispenser itself)

Bottle-less water dispensers cost from $2-3/day for rental.

Storing and refilling bulky and heavy water cooler bottles are inconvenient and there is a limit to the size of the cup or glass that can be used due to the distance between nozzle and base.

Bottle-less water dispensers are designed to make optimum and efficient use of your kitchen and office space. With its added 180-degree rotating dispensing nozzle, you can easily fill containers of different shapes and sizes, unlike bottled coolers.

To pre-order, carry & lift to fill, store all full & empty water cooler bottles and then having to pay for this work is inconvenient, time consuming and labour intensive. Additionally, there is a limited supply of water.

Bottle-less water dispensers give you a limitless supply of hygienically clean hot and cold water (soft plumbing) without having to lift the heavy plastic bottles. Additionally, its fixed monthly payment schedule helps to reduce your administration work.

Plastic water cooler bottles are detrimental to the environment.

Bottle-less water dispensers don’t use plastic bottles, therefore are environmentally friendly.

The dispensers of bottled water coolers are prone to mould and bacteria, negatively effecting the hygiene of the water.

Qualified technicians can provide internal sterilisation and filter replacement services for bottle-less water dispensers, ensuring that the units are hygienic, inside and out.

Bottled water for water coolers needs to be transported from one site to another, which can cause dust to accumulate in and around the water bottle and dispenser.

Bottle-less water is dispensed from a machine designed to prevent the entry of unwanted particles from entering the water.

The exposure to sun often causes the plastic water bottle of water coolers to lose their quality and break down. This negatively effects the integrity of the water bottle and results in the leeching of plastic chemicals into the water. This is obviously very dangerous to human health.

Bottle-less water from a water dispenser remains healthy and safe to human health because it is not contained in an unreliable container where its elements can break down.

A variety of reasons negatively affect the taste of water when it is encased in the water bottle of a plastic water cooler. Age, bacteria, the break-down of plastic and sun exposure are just some of the reasons as to why this happens.

The taste and freshness of bottle-less water from a water dispenser remains consistent.

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