plastic ghost

Ghosts of Plastics Past

“You seriously don’t care, do you?” The unimpressed brow of her friend expressed her distaste as Vivian came back to the car, her arms laden with heavy plastic bags. ‘I

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water mythology

The Mythology of Water

Historically, the natural environment has been considered a turbulent, sentient entity. In many cultures, water in particular was often personified into a mysterious and often terrifying character that housed its

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the massacre

The Massacre in Blue Attic

Confetti. That’s her initial thought. Such brightly coloured confetti floating around her like coral. Then a sudden feeling that something is off. A choking sense of dread but not knowing

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contaminated water

A Letter of Grief

Dearest It has taken me quite awhile for me to communicate with you, dearest one. It is not carelessness or a lack of love that has kept me from writing

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