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LC9 5.3L Engine Specs: Performance, Bore and Stroke, Cylinder ...

The LC9 engine is a 5.3L, Gen. 4, aluminum small block engine used in GM trucks and SUVs between 2007-2011. For marketing purposes, it was also known as the Vortec 5300. The engine specs and information listed here is for a stock LC9 engine. Mechanically similar, General Motors’ LS and LS-based Vortec engines wound up on almost every branch ...

Gen 4 LS Engines - Junkyard LS Swap Identifi ion Guide: Part

2The 4.8L/5.3L version would carry on in Gen 4 found in two combinations; the aluminum block LH6/LC9 models and the iron-block versions known as LY5/LY2/LMG/L20 engine code names. Gen 4 versions of the 4.8/5.3L engines did see a slight increase in horsepower and torque numbers because of improvements in combustion ratios and better fuel mileage ...

5.3- Liter Block Break down Street Trucks

The fifth and final generation of the iconic GM small block engine family features the same cam-in-block architecture and 4.4-inch bore centers, which is the distance between the centers of each cylinder. The Gen-V small-block is similar to the Gen III/IV engines structurally including a deep-skirt cylinder block design.

LS 5.3 GEN 4 GEN4 block lsx - $150 STALEY Auto Parts Sale ...

No I dont know how far you are away from me and no I will not look it up. Now on to the listing. I have a GEN4 LS 5.3 block for sale. This engine had a lifter noise and the roller lifter ended up taking out the cam shaft lobe. Engine had 100K miles on it. This will be a good block to build people. I have other LS parts for sale if interested.

LS and LT Engine Reference Guide for the Gen. 3, Gen. 4 and Gen ...

Hi if anybody can help me I have a 2007 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT it had a 4.8 DOD motor in it Gen 4 motor and I swapped it for a 5.3 Gen 3 motor non DOD motor I hook up everything the same exact way it was hooked up on the 4.8 I did the security unlock and all it does is crank it will not start I’ve checked the crank sensor the cam sensor all my spark plugs and coil packs and all the grounds ...

Junkyard LS Tech: How to Tell a Gen 3 from a Gen 4 LS Engine

If it’s a Gen 3 engine, with an iron block, and a truck intake manifold, with a 4.8/5.3 stamped on the block, it’s either a 4.8L LR4 engine or a 5.3L LM7 or L59 engine. There’s no easy way to tell visually from the outside of the engine whether it’s a 4.8 or 5.3L.

Aluminum 5.3L block,crank,rods - $300 Indy Auto Parts ...

Chevy 4.8 / 5.3 Block, Crank, Rods - $60 Port St Lucie I have a 2005 Gen 3 4.8/5.3 Bare block with main caps and main cap bolts for sale. It had water in two cylinders and needs to be bored. There are no spun bearings. $60 FIRMAlso have a 4.8 Crank and Rods out of a 2010 that are in perfect condition. $60 for the Crank, $60 for the rods. ...

aluminum 5.3 HO? yes/no? - Gen III and IV Small Block ...

The 5300 HO is an ALUMINUM block which is rated at 310hp. The 5.3 HO is only in an Excab 4x4 or Z71 1500. < POST SNAPBACK >. No, I think you are confused. My truck has a regular cab, the. Votrec 5300 and is not a Z71. Please read the **entire** post below. 2005 Silverado 1500 Regular Cab Long Box 4x4.

Grenaded my LS1. what are differences in 5.3 VS LS1, where to ...

well my LME forged 347 shortblock went boom yesterday at the autocross. big hole in the side of the block on drivers rear side. Car is a NA road race track car. iron block is completely out of the question. looking at the aluminum 5.3 and LS1 short blocks.

Gen 4 ls alum block with factory 24x crank, gen 4 rod sets ...

Crank looks good. Also have a few sets of gen 4 rods and pistons flat top. Perfect for getting a little more power potential on gen 3 engines. LH6 5.3 block with cam and crank and front and rear covers $350. Gen 4 5.3 rod and pistons $150 per set of 8. Have multiple sets. All need cleaned but not hurt.

TSP Resleeved Aluminum Gen 4 Engine Block, Outright - Texas Speed

We will only be able to resleeve Gen 4 LS and Gen 5 LT aluminum blocks. Gen 3 aluminum blocks cannot be resleeved. We do not recommend larger than a 4.125" bore size for any power-adder use. The blocks will come standard needing ALL required machine work completed. It will not be a finished block ready to assemble unless you select the option ...

GM Chevy LS 5.3 Aluminum Gen IV Shortblock - $600 Gurnee ...

I have a gen 4 ls 5.3 LH6 aluminum short block for sale. Its an aluminum block, its about 100lbs lighter than an iron block and they`re a more rare. It turns over fine. Its a gen IV, so it has the thicker rods and pistons and is stronger than the gen III and will hold more power when boosted or used with nitrous. I also have heads, intakes, 90mm drive by wire, 92mm cable throttle bodie

LS Gen IV Re-sleeve Block – Mast Motorsports

GM Gen IV LS resleeved aluminum block. Sleeved right here at Mast Motorsports in our state of the art Haas VF4 CNC machine. Mast Motorsports only uses premium USA made Darton Dry Sleeves. Darton sleeves are used in all premium high end forms of racing - NO compromises. Blocks are machined with a step to mate with t

Chevy Gen 3 and Gen 4 LS Crate Engines Summit Racing

The 6.2L Gen 4 aluminum block LS3 got new rectangle port heads, 2.165 in. intake valves and 70cc combustion chambers. A stock LS3 churns out over 425 hp stock and is commonly stroked to 415 or 416 c.i.d. 7.0L LS Crate Engines. With a 4.000 in. stroke GM managed to get 427 c.i.d. out of the aluminum block LS7.

Gen. 4, Aluminum Block Torque Specs

Gen. 4, Aluminum Block, LS Engines. The following specs apply to RPO codes: Etc. **Click the blue links in the table for more detailed information**. Fasteners that list an angle are Torque to Yield TTY . The specs listed are for stock fasteners. If you use ARP fasteners, follow the instructions that came with your new hardware.

The Evolution of the Vortec Truck Engine - Lowbuck LS

For Gen 4 engines, the LY2 and L20 4.8L engines are a good choice. If you want a 5.3, look for an LY5, LMF, or LMG model if you’re using a power adder. For a 6.0, I’d look for an L96 if I was using a power adder. If you’re planning on staying NA, any of the aluminum block engines will work fine.

Are There Any Noticeable Differences Between 5.3 Aluminum ...

When the 5.3 aluminum block was first put in the trucks in 2005 there was a bit of a difference. Don& 39;t really know about the ones produced now.. Re: Iron block vs. Aluminum block 5.3 . If you are talking about the L33 aluminum blocked 5.3 you are talking a little bit special. More cam, compression and LS6 heads. And it is 310 HP. 5.3 lh6 Gen 4 cam bearing orientation ...

5.3 lh6 Gen 4 cam bearing orientation Mar 15 2020, 3:59pm Hey guys installing cam bearing in my Gen 4 all aluminum block 5.3 and i& 39;m needing to know if the second oiling hole on the bearings go towards top of block or towards bottom.


97-2003 and 2004-UP GM LS1 LS2 LS3 LS4 LS6 LS7 GEN III 1st and 2nd DESIGN V8 ALUMINUM BLOCKS 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, 6.0, 6.2, 7.0L M11x2.0 P/N 1015A $459.00 *** 97-2003 engines have sixteen deep holes and requires a 6" extension tap witch is included in this kit. Kit 1015B does not require the extension tap *** 21 inserts are supplied in this kit

boring a 5.3 to 5.7?

The 4.8 cast iron block and the 5.3 block can both be bored to 5.7. They call them the poor mans 5.7 cause you can get for cheap. They made the liners really thick on those blocks, and they share the same stroke as the 5.7& 39;s Hope that helps you, I& 39; ve got big plans for the local 4.8& 39;s and 5.3& 39;s in the wrecking yards

TSP 413-454 C.I.D. Resleeved Gen 4 Aluminum Short-Block, 4.10 ...

All Texas Speed and Performance resleeved short-blocks use a NEW resleeved Gen 4 aluminum block with Darton dry sleeves The standard price includes a fully-assembled short-block with a 4.10" or 4.125" stroke crankshaft with your choice of 24x or 58x reluctor wheel.

GM Gen V Bare Block 5.3 Liter – Mast Motorsports

GM Gen V Bare Block 5.3 Liter. Factory Mast Introduces Remanufactured Gen V 5.3 Liter Factory OE block. The Factory Mast product line ensures only the most premium components and rigorous inspection process, combined with proven Mast quality, and experience. We hand pick these lightly used blocks and put them through an extensive quality ...

GM Sleeved performance aluminum short Blocks

Super Sleeve Aluminum Short block all forged 388ci or 427ci 1200HP. Sleeved LS block 388 427 billet CCWTMS Blueprinted LS bare block with Darton sleeves 4.125-4.155" us.. $8,199.00. Add to Cart.

Aluminum 5.3 block for sale in Kemp, TX - 5miles: Buy and Sell

2007 aluminum 5.3 block has crank was running good just built a 6.0

Gen III/Gen IV LS Engine: Specs, dimensions, and Engine ...

The LS 4.8L 293ci is nestled near the Gen I 283ci, the 5.3L LS truck engine is close to the venerable 327 at 325ci, and the 5.7L LS is kissing-cousins-close to the classic 350ci small-block. The 6.2L 376ci could be considered approaching the 1970 400ci Mouse motor and then GM broke the mold to build a 427ci small-block LS with the LS7 engine.

Gen V Family Welcomes Three More Engines, Including A V6

The Gen V family of small-block engines welcomed three more members today as GM introduced a line of EcoTec3 engines for the 2014 Silverado/Sierra full-size pickups. Truck customers will soon be able to choose between 6.2-liter and 5.3-liter V8 engines as well as a 4.3-liter V6 version.

491/444 out of my 5.3 build.. surprised?

I was. lol Was sort of expecting 460-470 ... in any event I& 39;m happy with the result, plenty of power for my Track Rat project. 5.3 block aluminum doesn& 39;t really matter if it& 39;s iron 4.8 flat top pistons 5.3 rods - ARP rod bolts 5.3 crank LS2 timing chain on 5.3 sprockets LS2 intake/injectors/fuel rail modified by Turn Key

Cast iron or Aluminum 5.3 block? - 1999-2013 Silverado ...

Which would you prefer and if you have a high mileage truck, what do you have. Other than the lighter weight I wonder if there is any real difference.

Gen. 3, Aluminum Block Torque Specs

Gen. 3, Aluminum Block Torque Specs Gen. 3, Aluminum Block, LS Engines. The following specs apply to RPO codes: LS1; LS6; LM4; L33 **Click the blue links in the table ...

Question: Are Aluminum Engine Blocks Good - SeniorCare2Share

There are two aluminum alloys that are mainly used in manufacturing of engine blocks, they are 319 and A356. How much power can an aluminum block handle? The aluminum blocks are not as strong as the iron block LQ4 and LQ9.

2007-2013 Chevrolet Gen 4 5.3 Aluminum Bare Block eBay

This is a decent used 5.3 Aluminum Gen IV bare block from a 2007-2013 Chevrolet appli ion. This bare block is in condition and is not rusty, cracked or corroded. It is still std bore. It does not have any spun mains and the camshaft mains look good also.

2007-2013 gen 4 5.3/4.8 aluminum block eBay

Find many great new and used options and get the best deals for 2007-2013 gen 4 5.3/4.8 aluminum block at the best online prices at eBay Free shipping for many products

Performance Roadblocks For The 5.3 LS V8: Stepping Up From ...

The Gen III 5.3-liter was replaced by the Gen IV in 2008, with the LY5, LH8, LMG, and aluminum-block LH6 and LC9 versions of the motor offering between 300 and 320 horsepower and bumping max torque to 340 lb-ft. Both the Gen II and Gen IV engines provide a healthy starting point for anyone seeking a well-performing V8.

Aluminum Block 5.3L LS engine LM4 - $750 Horseshoe Bend ...

This LM4 5.3L, aluminum block V8 was pulled from a 2003 Trailblazer with 160K miles. The engine runs perfectly with 35 psi oil pressure at hot idle. No smoke on startup or while running. Was going to use in my Triumph TR7 but that project has been delayed so rather than letting it sit in the spare room in the house, I am willing to let it go.This engine is very good and ready to be use

5.3L LS Engine

The Gen III small block, or first generation LS, has a cam sensor at the back of the motor and two knock sensors in the valley. Your Gen IV or second series LS has the knock sensors on the sides of the block and a cam sensor in the timing cover. Gen III is considered a 1997-2004, leaving 2005 thru 2014 as Gen IV.

LS Engine Codes Explained - LSX Magazine

There is controversy over if this engine was the replacement for the Gen II small-block 350 engine or if the 5.3 iron block is the new 350 as it is more common and less expensive. This all new engine featured an aluminum block and cylinder heads hedral port 10:1:1 compression, a bore of 3.898 inches and a stroke of 3.62 inches.

LS GEN4 VALLEY Cover Plate Billet Aluminum 5.3, 6.0 DOD ...

LS GEN4 VALLEY Cover Plate Billet Aluminum 5.3, 6.0 DOD Delete Oil Sensor Adapt - EUR 71,53. ZU VERKAUFEN LS Swap Lifter Valley Cover Plate Billet Aluminum With Oil Pressure Sensor 154145944876

Planning for the future: NNBS 5.3 to 383 Stroker GMC Truck ...

I know most would say ditch the 5.3 and get a 6.0/6.2, but to me transforming my daily driver 5.3 into a 383 might be an overall better option. I& 39;m not looking to build a race motor, no blower/turbo/nitrous. Obviously if I my stock 5.3 engine block and heads are in good enough shape to reuse, it would save me some $$$ even after machine work.

What’s The Max Overbore For LS Blocks?

Then there& 39;s the larger-displacement iron 6.0L truck blocks that have 4.0-inch bores; they can be punched 0.060-over to 4.060 inches although for serious power-adder use I& 39;d back that down to 4.030 .

ASM - Specialty Handbook - Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys ...

6005-T6 Aluminum vs 6061-T6 Aluminum. Menu ESC Home > Aluminum Alloy > AA 6000 Series Aluminum-Magnesium-Silicon Wrought Alloy > 6005 Alu

chevy 5.3 engine vin b - Powertrain Products

CHEVY 5.3 V8 05-07 ENGINE VIN B Only L-33 Engine H.O. Aluminum Block and Heads, Block 12571048bb,733 Head 243, Crank 2216 With 8570 Thick Rear Crank Flange 16 valve

2010-2012 gen 4 all aluminum 6.2 , lc9 5.3 and a 6.0 IV rec port

2010-2012 gen 4 all aluminum 6.2 , lc9 5.3 and a 6.0 IV rec port. Have a all aluminum 6.2 that is a long block,no intake. Motor is all complete Oil pan to valley cover. $2300 . Was told it is a 2012 and has a bad lifter. Never took either of these apart but recommend to freshen them up. I put cam bearings in every ls i pull apart.

Engine Parts: LT/LS/LSX Production Cylinder Blocks Performance

19420904. L8T GEN-V 6.6L CAST-IRON BLOCK. Direct replacement for 2020 and later L8T 6.6L gas engines used in Silverado HD trucks. Production cast-iron casting finished with 4.065’’ 103.25 mm cylinder bores. Used with a 3.86’’ stroke crankshaft in production engines to produce 400 cu in. 6.6L displacement — the largest displacement ...

Chevy and GM Remanufactured long and short block crate ...

LY5 5.3 Vortec Long Block... $3,195.00. The Chevy GM 5.3L 325 LY5 Vortec Long Block Crate Engine Sale has begun Introduced in 2007 by GM, the LY5 is a 3rd generation Vortec engine... Quick view.

GM Chevy 5.3L GEN 3 LM7 Engine Short Block for Sale ...

1999-2007 Remanufactured GM Chevy 5.3L GEN 3 LM7 Engine Short Block for sale, Casting 12567392. 6 Bolt Main. Lots of photos, see the details.

Everything You Wanted to Know About the GM LS Engine Family

The obscure detail is that nearly all 5.3, 5.7, and 6.0 Gen III cranks use the same 12552216 casting number, so it’s difficult to quickly differentiate a 5.3L crank from a 6.0L. This is important if you are mixing and matching LS engine parts because a 4.00-inch bore 6.0L piston weighs much more than its smaller 5.3L cousin.

boring a 5.3 to 5.7? - LS1

5.3 to 5.7 block. you can bore a 5.3 to be 5.7 if you have a castiron block you can also bore a 4.8 to be a 5.7 but you have to use the 5.7 stroke crank your 5.3 bore right now is 96mm and your going to bore it to 99mm so yes it will work if you have a cast iron block if you have a aluminum 5.3 you will have to have inserts put in the block and ...

Sloppy Mechanics Wiki - Is that a 4.8 or a 5.3?

Just so we have all the ducks in a row, both of these engines are OHV, pushrod V8 engines with cast iron blocks and aluminum cylinder heads. Because both engines use the same block c/n 12551358 , GM seemed to play what may be described as a cruel, twisted joke on us since it cast "4.8/5.3" right on the block both in the front and in the rear ...

maximum bore on a 5.3 block - LS1Truck

1,739. Originally Posted by ff jeff. You can bore it to stock LS1 bore. I believe that is the max. like 3.903 or 3.905. Something like that. I dont believe a 4" would fly on a 5.3. However that just happens to be stock 6.0 bore though. That& 39;s correct. You would bore the stock 5.3 from 3.78 to 3.90X or about .120-.125.

ASM - Specialty Handbook - Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys ...

6005-T6 Aluminum vs 6061-T6 Aluminum. Menu ESC Home > Aluminum Alloy > AA 6000 Series Aluminum-Magnesium-Silicon Wrought Alloy > 6005 Alu

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